Hosting a fitness event. Part 2/2

In my last post I shared about hosting a fitness event, which is 100% based on teamwork, here’s another type called Sponsoring. When you sponsor an event you can enter the agreement in two ways.  The first type is where you fund the event and reap the benefits from attendees seeing your logo throughout the… Continue reading Hosting a fitness event. Part 2/2

How to host a fitness event. Part 1/2

There were two events I participated in last week. One I co-hosted and the other I sponsored. And I’m going to share my take-a-way from both events. I had the opportunity to co-host a wellness movement. The agenda was simple and the idea was to get the community to try different types of fitness styles.… Continue reading How to host a fitness event. Part 1/2

Whose shoes would you walk in?

Whose shoes would you walk in, so that you can understand what they’re going through? Sometimes the world of fitness can be so judgmental and mean. Labeling people because their body type doesn’t match up to a magazine’s standard. What if we took time to understand a persons health struggles before judging them? Maybe we… Continue reading Whose shoes would you walk in?

Nisqually Tribe’s Wave Of Wellness

In 2015 Puyallup council member (David Bean) & Youth Director (Lisa Earl) got a bunch of fitness fanatics together to plan, organize & host a Native American WAVE OF WELLNESS. The goal was to start a health wave within native community by hosting an event where people can gather and experience different fitness styles.   … Continue reading Nisqually Tribe’s Wave Of Wellness

Five tips to turn street fairs into fitness events.

One of my favorite things to do is visiting local markets, street fairs & outdoor performances. So on one occasion I trekked through “Art On The Ave” it’s Tacoma’s 6th ave street fair. I walked around looking for the artist but saw a notable amount of beer gardens. Nevertheless I bumped into some street art…… Continue reading Five tips to turn street fairs into fitness events.

Beautiful Soul – Day 21

   It’s the 21st day of the BEAUTIFUL SOUL CHALLENGE which deserves a celebration chant. Hip-hip-hooray! Now let’s spend a little time reflecting on the process with a few questions… Why did you start the BEAUTIFUL SOUL CHALLENGE? (Day 1) How did you practice gratitude before this challenge? Was it difficult, at first, focusing on… Continue reading Beautiful Soul – Day 21