Celebrating: Welbriety

In 1994 the Wellbriety Movement grew from need. Native American leaders recognized the generational effects of alcoholism and substance abuse. The goal is simple: Get Healthy! However we know that the simplest goals are often the most difficult. Never the less they strive onward and upward. In the Pacific Northwest, the Nisqually Tribe host an annual PowWow… Continue reading Celebrating: Welbriety

Stop having breakfast blues.

I hear this all the time, “I’m not into breakfast” or “I don’t have time for breakfast.” Let me be the first to raise my hand. 🀚 I use to say both but finally changed my evil ways. Lol. Here’s the problem, most of us went to schools that served blah-type of food. We skipped… Continue reading Stop having breakfast blues.

It’s a Smoothie thing! How to create your own recipes.

What is it about our culture that has us buying blenders? The idea of slurping up your vitamins sound simple but isn’t this just glorified baby food? The idea of processing what we can chew to make an on-the-go meal might be appealing to some… unless you like food. And I’m a foodie before fitness… Continue reading It’s a Smoothie thing! How to create your own recipes.

If Jellyfish were coaches…

Who knew that staring at jellyfish could be so thought provoking but apparently it is. We, hubby & me, like taking our children out on excursions which is exercise minus the gym. During Β the 2015 Christmas break we went to ZooLights, basically they dress up the entire zoo in fun festive lights, and we skippedΒ our… Continue reading If Jellyfish were coaches…

5 Reasons to loosen up! As in drink loose leaf teas :)

Fitness is one side to a multifacited life and surrounding yourself with quality products is just as important. I’m sharing a few of my favorite black teas and by a few I mean nine, Lol. I shop local whenever possible and have been fortunate to friend local store owner Robyn Liss of Ubiquitous Journey or… Continue reading 5 Reasons to loosen up! As in drink loose leaf teas πŸ™‚

5 Reasons to throw a “Fit” during the holidays.

Throwing a FIT just means that you’ll be working out πŸ‹πŸ½ during the holiday season. Here are five reasons to throw a fit and the benefits will be seen in the summer. So I want to inspire you to stick to your happy regiment. 1. Stick to your plan. The 15 minute drive and the… Continue reading 5 Reasons to throw a “Fit” during the holidays.

CHANGE from pain to prosperous.

The day I took these pictures was a catalyst in my life. That was the day I almost lost my sister because three hours after this was taken I was in an ambulance with her. Read about that here. Change is a funny thing because it happens quicker then a second and can drastically adjust… Continue reading CHANGE from pain to prosperous.