What does MANA Wahine mean?

MANA: is a Polynesian word that describes a type of strength that can be passed on. It never ceases much like knowledge or wisdom. You can’t see it but you can see its influence and you can feel the good vibes it brings.

WAHINE: Hawaiian for Woman. (This word is also used in Aotearoa)

What prompted this blog? Around 2012 both my sister and I became Zumba fitness instructors and we had big plans to help a lot of ladies get fit. I would bring in my nutritional background and she would blend in her knowledge of fitness. Then in 2015 she was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer as a result of a molar pregnancy. My instincts took me deep into prayer and back to the lessons of prayer & MANA. The thought of chemotherapy freaked us out but the tumor markers were growing so quickly. Collectively we knew that the healing needed to involve all areas of her being.  Because diseases like these attack the body, plays tricks on the mind and can damage the soul.


I wanted to find a way to keep her MIND, BODY & SOUL strong during her treatment. The cancer was in her uterus, bladder & lungs. Her physician took a chance and put her on a rigorous program including 7 TYPES OF CHEMO, one drip was about 12 hours long. I wanted to propose something to my Ohana (family) with a product line that I enjoy. So my Ohana got together and I said, “What do we have to loose, why not take a chance and put these products to the test. The other side is death.

We’ve only heard stories about people trying this but we’ve never seen it in action. So she started with a bottle of Genesis™ per day and two packets of Ultra Vitality. That gave her white blood cells the ability to sustain itself during the intense chemo cycle. She had an appetite during her entire treatment and eventually added the WOW Shakes with beets, cucumber, cilantro, apple, banana, chia seeds, hemp hearts & more Ultra Vitality.

The dangerous part was if her white blood cells dropped to low they would have to pull back on the chemo. Now when I say advanced I mean this cancer was spreading quickly and she couldn’t stop using her Genesis™ or risk taking a break from the treatments. Somehow the two were working in favor of her body and the tumor markers began to decrease from over 200,000 to 170,000 to 140,000…


All the while I kept writing hoping that she was reading my blog and trying some of the challenges. It clawed at my faith and bruised my hope to see her going through this but I never showed it during my visits or daily chats. While she was in treatment my husband and I moved her Ohana into our home due to her husband’s work schedule and the chemo sessions. It was school, work, martial arts, dance classes as usual… almost.

Then it happened her body responded well to the to kill the orcs (cancer cells) treatment which included her supplements at home, whole foods and walks. In fact her doctor told her, “What ever you’re doing, don’t stop.” I pray for more doctors like him who listen to their patients and after four (4) months the cancer is in remission!!!! 

Although it doesn’t work out for all because she experienced four deaths and know of others who had to prolong treatments. It’s a struggle and a painful cycle. She took a risk and tried something new involving old/new approach to healing. Are you wondering if this could work for you or someone you love?

Try one or all of the challenges.

Are you curious about the Genesis™ product? Well the company is over 20+ years old and sustained the test of time. The best part is that they have a LOVE IT CHALLENGE where you can try their products for 30 days. If you don’t love it then send it back for a refund.


Can I invite others to join any of the challenges? Please do, the more the merrier. Send, forward or post.

Am I able to use these challenges with my friends? Sure, for example you and a few friends can participate in the BEAUTIFUL MIND Challenge while creating caring accountability to complete assignments. All I ask is…

  1. Have them subscribe individually.
  2. Comment your group name & purpose within a chat box.
  3. Then I will be able to follow-up because I want to support you.

What does the logo at the top mean? I like lotus blossoms and my husband designed this kirituhi, Maori art, as my logo. It represents the seasons of a woman and the life she brings. Truly a MANA Wahine Fitness design. This is a copyrighted logo and not to be reproduced in any way or form on any surface. Eventually we will have MWF gear for sale but for now I hope you enjoy it as our symbol.


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