Beautiful Soul – Day 14

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you like what someone has, figure out what they did to get there.” And how many of us know of Oprah Winfrey? (Everyone) She preaches the value of gratitude and how it got her to where she is today. Interesting right. It got her through disappointments, past abuses, horrible encounters and unfortunate events. 

Gratitude can help us all make peace with what we can not change and change what we can. 

It teaches us to accept seasons because into each life some rain must fall. 

It also becomes the main factor for attracting abundance.


Gratitude is one of those things that has nothing to do with your feelings because it’s a directional energy. It’s a tool you can use to shift your perspective from negative to positive. You don’t need to feel gratitude to express it but the more you say (or write) it the more grateful you will feel.

Comment for connection.

Stick to your workout plans & eat clean. PEACE be the journey.


6 thoughts on “Beautiful Soul – Day 14

  1. iraelove99 says:

    4. I am totally grateful for spooner’s berry farm.. Just picked up a flat of strawberries, they are do delicious. I would share them with ZUMBA Wednesday class, but no class today 😦 Darn it have to eat all by myself 😦 hahah 5.. I am also grateful for the programs that the tribe has to offer. From Zumba, to Culture Class, to Song and Dance, to the Weaving Conference, to the behavioral health program (for reals tho), . They do provide plenty to grow and thrive on.
    6. I am very grateful to live close to Taqwomat ( Mt. Rainier) and the Nisqually River. I haven’t been in the river ina couple years, but thats where i go to regroup. I love the river and the mountain and the life it provides for our people,

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  2. I am grateful that a great Zumba class is for free! Sorry I couldn’t make it Wednesday, Momi had her last orchestra concert. So also grateful for this blog so I can comment and get a sticker to make up for my missed class.

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