Beautiful Soul – Day 13


 The idea behind the BEAUTIFUL SOUL Challenge grew from an understanding that good things come from an attitude of gratitude. And what better way to create healthy habits then to start being grateful for what we already have. Gratefulness is both the seed & the catalyst.

If you’re not happy with your body then… be grateful for the way you dance, your imagination or another talent.

If you’re not proud of past decisions then… be grateful for the lessons you learned & move on.

If you’re not feeling loved then… be grateful for your ability to love and love your self.

The Goal is to focus on the positive which will shift your perception. 

Eventually, by healthy association, you will attract abundance and adopt habits to support your new lifestyle. So pick one, just one healthy habit, schedule it into your planner and practice it daily.   


When I’m working with clients my purpose is to help them focus on one habit. And somehow that little win triggers lots of wins while building their confidence. I truly want every person to live out their greatest potential and starting small is the perfect place. One small step which is one simple habit. 

What habit are you working on? Comment for connection.


9 thoughts on “Beautiful Soul – Day 13

  1. iraelove99 says:

    I am extremely grateful for my children’s willingness to try whatever i put on their plate. I will continue to show my gratitude by providing healthy tasty meals that will lead them to healthy eating habits.

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  2. MANA Wahine Fitness says:

    I had to set triggers because I don’t usually drink enough water. These are mine…
    1. A Mason jar with water by my bed, which I must drink after a good stretch. (I see it so I can’t ignore it.)
    2. Fill my bigger hydro flask & carry it everywhere. (Once again it’s in front of me.)
    3. I drink before every meal.
    4. Working out is my last trigger but the most effective.


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