Beautiful Mind – Day 15

Family plays a major role and in some cases their schedule runs our lives but let’s consider what’s best. For instance when I come across a mom who has zero energy for her self-care I know what she’s going through. I hear words like, “When they get older.” Trust me I’ve been there and in some ways still there. 

Let’s build some affirmations to spark a bit of healthy energy throughout your home life. What would you like to see & what are you willing to make time for? Now create those affirmations. If you need help refer to DAY 14 of the BEAUTIFUL MIND challenge.

Foodie Fit: smoothie ideas.

Dance Fit: always a Zumba favorite.


Hope Floats

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5 thoughts on “Beautiful Mind – Day 15

  1. Naomi T says:

    Vacation time- more family bonding!
    House extension- a house big enough to have my parents, my siblings, and eventually our families
    More practice- practice as far as hula and dancing, to be more confident culturally and ethnically

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  2. iraelove99 says:

    Healthy Choices. In general I want my babies to be able to make choices that is adding value to their lives. Whether it be healthy eating, being active, being thankful for what we have, working hard to get what we want, staying humble, treat people with kindness and love, respect all living beings, to love themselves and who they are and where they come from. I know best way is to lead by example and I feel I have been doing good so far, however we always have room for improvements. My next improvement is to stop smoking.

    Confidence. I want my family to know that no matter what be comfortable in our skin, To know that we are special, powerful/strong, and can accomplish anything we put our minds too. I’m working on being consistent. I am working hard to be fit and healthy, and I don’t care who sees me working out, all sweaty, scrubbed out, chubby girl jiggling everywhere, I am doing this work for me and nobody else so what they think is none of my business. Be proud of myself for working hard for something i want.

    Spirituality. I want them to know and trust in The Creator/Jah/God/Jesus (higher power). That we can give our worries and problems to their Creator and not hold anything that isn’t adding happiness and serenity to their lives. Know that what we think, say and put out in the universe will come back to us, good or bad, in hopes they put as much good out there as possible. God Grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

    #OneLove #jahblessed

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  3. Cynetha says:

    A house- It will give us the space we need to still feel sane, yet happy to connect to each other when we want and need.
    More vacation- Not necessarily out of town or anything, just an excursion to experience new things together and get a widened perspective of the space around us.
    More sleep- It allows us to be our best selves and achieve all the things we want without being cranky or depleted.


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