Beautiful Mind – Day 29

We’ve almost competed the 30 Day BEAUTIFUL MIND challenge. As you reflect on Day-3 think about one person who can benefit from these post. Share with them about your beautiful mind  transformation and invite them to try it out. You can start them off on DAY 1 and encourage them. 

Experience has taught me that both permanent & positive change happens when our thoughts reflect our potential. (Thoughts become things.) The sooner you share your journey you switch from learner to teacher and your new mindset becomes a healthy habit.

Foodie Fit: for Sunday’s meal prep idea. This includes a shopping list & all the recipes for each dish. You can substitute or swap out any of theses.

Thoughts become things.

Dance Fit: Beto not only created the dance style that would become Zumba but he also sings 🙂 

True friends don’t let their friends think ugly.

Beautiful Thoughts + Beautiful Conversations = Beautiful Mind


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5 thoughts on “Beautiful Mind – Day 29

  1. Naomi T says:

    So I know for a fact that this goal has not been achieved yet. Because I need to wait until after school to have a relationship.

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  2. MANA Wahine Fitness says:

    Smudge with Sage – I like the grounding of your traditions. There’s nothing like old’school 😃


  3. iraelove99 says:

    Oh i guess i didn’t state my plan. I’m pretty sure you might have been looking for steps or something. But my plan is to check in with my Coach, Kareem, 5 days a week. Follow the meal plan we pick. Drink a gallon of water a day. Check my sugars in the morning and before dinner. Take insulin as needed.
    To get over my obstacle of me is to pray for strength. Smudge with Sage. Surrender myself to that higher power and reach within for that strength I pray for. bad eating habits are an addiction to me and if i can kick my drug and alcohol addiction i can kick my bad food addiction. Remind myself the consequences of making bad choices and to remember why I WANT to make good choices. My kids are my purpose. To be around to guide them to follow their dreams and aspirations. To help them become happy, successful, and all around good human being.

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  4. iraelove99 says:

    Reflecting on my response for day 3, being consistent and not letting myself sabotage my healthy journey, I have been doing pretty good. I still workout during the work days and on the weekend when it is permitted, usually we are on the go. Anyhow, since i been on the journey and posting about what i eat, what i do to workout, express my feelings, i have become an inspiration to many people. Not really trying to but if my healthy choices can help inspire others, I would love to do more. Helping people, inspiring, encouraging, and making people happy has always been my happiness. And i hope i can get at least one person to start beautiful mind.


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