What is MANA Wahine?

MANA Wahine

MANA: Polynesian word for a type of strength that is generational and never ending.

Wahine: Hawaiian word for woman.

We wanted to create a fitness program for our members that would connect them to the beauty and strength of being a 21st century woman. This blog will be a place to share fitness, food and features. (Features: inspirational & motivational images.) It is our hope that you will visit often and share the MANA Wahine experience with others.



2 thoughts on “What is MANA Wahine?

  1. Hokulani Kalawa says:

    Aloha no kakou! Excellent site Ho’o…This is Hokulani Kalawa, we met in 2004-2005, in Washington State. Are you still distributing Symmetry? I have a couple of old clients who have recently got in touch with me that want to reconnect, and so do I. It seems as we all have gotten older, and ailments get worst and more frequent, we are that much more adamant about practical approaches to better health that we know will be effective. It’s exciting as always to see how your practice has grown. Thank you for sharing your cultural wisdoms; I am very grateful for your accessibility. Please direct me to your site if I am able to renew with SYMMETRY.
    Mahalo Nui,

    Jes-l Hokulani Kalawa

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