Beautiful Mind – Day 24

I like reading quotes by Benjamin Franklin because he understood the concept of persevere. In fact when I sense myself slipping into complacency I read a few of his wise sayings. Here are my faves, take time with each quote. Perhaps do 3-rounds of breath with each before moving on.


Catch happiness!


Small steps lead toward a big goal.


Beware of excuses, they creep into our thoughts and often feel reasonable.

It wasn’t easy forming the United Sates of America but the benefits have lasted generations. What will you do to leave a legacy?  I think starting with the persuit of happiness is a great place. 
Foodie Fit: Hacking meal prep.

Dance Fit: This is a get-up and dance type of song. Easy to follow and catchy 🙂

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PEACE be the Journey


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Mind – Day 24

  1. Naomi T says:

    It’s important to finish what you started because leaving open ends in every thing you started will cause a habit to never finish.

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  2. MANA Wahine Fitness says:

    You’re awesome, beadwork takes sacred concentration. Glad you are working through everything 😉 and I was just like you when it came to midterm stuff. Lol

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  3. iraelove99 says:

    I have am a lil bit off. Some things i NEED to finish when i start. Like beading projects. I can’t just work a lil each day on it. i have to bead bead bead until its all done. which is good and bad. I have real hard time at long term goals. Always have, even in school long term assignments I would find myself rushing to finish the last few days. Now with planning events, i have to make sure everything is in place and follow through to make it successful.

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