Women who DO don’t wait for permission!

I speak from experience because if I waited I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m on a WholelisticFit journey and it’s not easy. Excuses and doubt happen but it shouldn’t become a defining factor.

Can you imagine a life without pain, sickness or disease?

What would it take to make that happen?

Stop trying to heal the world. Start healing yourself and the world will take notice. Start with YOU. Because if you’re like me, we’ve seen the headlines and feel the hurt. Our first reaction is sorrow and maybe hopelessness. Sometimes we stop moving all together because we’re chained by sadness. But that’s when you use your WHY to refocus and stay in motion.

Energize your fit schedule with an emotional connection to wellness. Develop a deep and rooted WHY into every squat, plank and burpee.

Make the extra effort, do what the average person wouldn’t. Stay consistent, persevere and believe in the process.

Speaking of process, I was talking to my sister, Make Mahalo, about our goals. She used the term, “the G-d process!” Which I understand as going through challenges KNOWING that there’s a lesson in the midst. The willingness to have faith and keep moving forward.

Will the life lessons ever stop? Probably not. The G-d process seems to be ingrained into the universe.

Keep moving forward!

So I’m doing another fitness concert, and it’s been awhile. The last one was in the Spring and it feels like decades. I can’t wait to sweat along side of some fabulous women and a few good men. The best part is blasting the music 🎶 and moving to the rhythm.

Also if you’re interested my blog WholelisticFit.com has a new article called, “WHY & WILLpower, which do you need first?” It list the 5-Steps-To-A-Strong-Why and includes some pinable quotes. Keep in mind that you have to be a MERMAID to read it, and membership is free. Click here to become a Mermaid.

I’m closing with a few vision boards I created and posted on Instagram! PEACE Be the Journey, Ho’omālamalama



3 Changes 2 Better

I’m always learning and processing. Especially when confronting uncomfortable change. When I first started teaching STRONG By Zumba® I was way out of my league, but I wanted change. 

Being a mother of seven [7] I didn’t want to look like I gave birth to seven. I wanted to be healthy enough to play soccer ⚽️ with them.  Hike and create an active lifestyle. 

My goal was to embrace where I was and suffer through the workout, to be STRONG. Happily, I no longer suffer through the workout because my body is conditioned to flow with it. 

Here’s what I did in info-pic form…

[PS: Comment if you want to dive into a life changing experience of your own.]

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Beautiful Mind – Day 10


Sometimes we need to remind ourselves how brave we really are and marvel at our accomplishments. It’s not egotistic or wrong to remember what you overcame. In fact it’s important because your self talk will influence your future. Having a healthy dialog of thoughts reflecting on courageous acts will help you go the distance. 

What if I don’t have a courageous moment? Well borrow someone else’s until you create one. I often rehearse the accomplishments of J.K. Rowling and feel encouraged by her story.

Foodie Fit: the trick is to fill your plate with color.  

Dance Fit: if you get up right now and do this routine you will burn calories.

Remember to comment positive, like & share. PEACE be the Journey

Beautiful Mind – Day 9

Words have an impact over us and the more you surround yourself with words of encouragement the better. I hope you completed Day-8 and wrote out your inspirational words. This practice will not only help you out in your fitness realm but in all realms of life. So today’s BEAUTIFUL MIND challenge  is to be purposeful and conscious of those words and have them around you. Here are a few ideas to wear, especially when working out…

  • Shirt 
  • Necklace 
  • Bracelet
  • Hats or Beanies 
  • Bandanas 
  • Hoodie
  • Tattoo (if you’re into that)
  • Yoga pants (there’s some cool ones)
  • Workout pants
  • On your water bottle 
  • On your iPhone or iPad if you use it for music during workouts
  • On your headphones

Foodie Fit: Just started watching a few of his creations. Simple with the ingredient list included.

Dance Fit: Formation choreo by Matt Steffanina (hip-hop music, might contain offensive language)

Bottom line is to stay true to yourself and the process. This is 30 DAYS of focusing on our thoughts and creating a BEAUTIFUL MIND.  And if you would like some accountability or connection leave a comment below. Oh, you can also catch up on previous days if you missed any. Remember to comment like and subscribe.