How STRONG is your WHY?

Living fit is only part of the journey, having a holistic life brings every facet of your BEing into balance. And balance isn’t perfection it’s grounding. Which leads me to the title, “How STRONG is your WHY?”

This journey called life is meant to challenge your WHY, but if you lack foundation & balance then your WHY will crumble under the weight of  L-I-F-E. So let’s talk about your why as in why live healthy, holistic & happy.

Do you deserve healthy, holistic & a happy existence? None of us deserve or are entitled to it but we can earn it. I once heard a wise elder say,

You were given the gift of life, now you have to earn your living.

In other words we don’t wake up winding a dial that’s attached to our heart. The heart has its own intelligence, that’s the gift of life. Yet how we take care of our hearts is an example of us earning a living.

Your why is the emotional connection between appreciating the gift and earning it. It’s your anchor ⚓️ into everything you do. This is the secret sauce to having a powerful why, the type that moves mountains. [That’s why I’ve created the MERMAID e-news to stay connected.]

I started this blog to encourage my sister through stage-4 cancer and one of the harshest chemo treatments, confessed by the nurses, they’ve ever heard of. You can read my why here but to summarize we did a complete 180• and changed everything.

Somewhere in the mix they wanted to remove her uterus because that’s where the cancer was. It started as a molar pregnancy that spread into bladder and lungs. However after a combination of modern, ancient & holistic therapies she was deemed cancer free by her doctor. While looking at her X-ray he & the nurse said it was one of the most beautiful uterus they’ve ever seen.

Q: What was her why?

A: That’s simple her children.

Q: But I’ve heard that before. So what made her why so different?

A: The energy she put behind it!

Q: Did she do it alone?

A: No, she incorporated a team & consciously surrounded herself with love.

Q: Is it safe to assume that her why needed help?

A: Yes, all of us will face moments when our why requires a little boost. That’s when we enlist the energy of others to carry us through. This can be emotional support, teachings or reading something to encourage us.

I’m excited to announce that I will be going full-time into my WholelisticFit coaching helping other women regain the power of their why and thrive.

Which brings me to another announcement: My sister just gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Both a miracle and a confirmation of our Spiritual foundation.

I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken…

My husband adoring a bundle of grace, mercy & unconditional love. [ALOHA] I’m sharing this, very private, moment with you to encourage YOU, yes YOU. Miracles do happen! You have all the resources, tools and knowledge at your fingertips. All you have to do is put energy behind your why.

I took a snapshot of the scenery outside of the birth center & tons of baby pictures. But the purpose of this blog isn’t to show off my nephew, it’s to testify to the power of WHY.

There are steps to connect to your why.

I’ve grown to understand and appreciate the process of reconnection. And I was also grateful that my sister allowed me to coach her even in the delivery room.

There in the delivery room both her life and babies life faced hurdles. My sister’s body had grown tired and weak. The midwife’s assistant was concerned because her water broke, baby was in the birth canal but her push wasn’t strong enough. Meanwhile a host of family members stood in prayer.

We all go through moments of doubt, which is why a coach is so important.

And then I spoke, “You can and will do this because your Savior has brought you this far and HE can do anything but fail. Stop fidgeting and use the contraction to push baby out! Short sips of air into your nose then exhale him out.”

See him in your arms and send your energy there.

Sometimes we have to refocus our why.

Partner with a coach that can see your potential, remind and hold you accountable. It’s their job to ignore the excuses and condition your mind for excellence.

This is the type of WholisticFit coach I’ve become. Through trials and personal tribulations becoming a student to the teachings of  L-I-F-E. My goal is to connect women to their power of why which is MANA WAHINE. Women of power. This power doesn’t stand alone, it’s a culmination of experiences. The life lessons taught overtime from one generation to another.

Seasons of change… for the better.

I’ve enjoyed blogging here and I feel that it has become a testimony to the circle-of-life. [Enter the Lion King theme.]

Through this blog I’ve shared, stirred the mind & supported a place of growth. And now it’s time to open my arms to the future of sister-hood. Create a virtual space of excellence. I hope you will transition with me and become a MERMAID to receive my e-news. Also I’ll be posting on my blog WholelisticFit regularly and creating content for women who pave the way. I look forward to seeing you there.

PS: As a sweet parting gift here’s a 60min course I created called BALANCED BEAUTY. Use is in good health and share the link with others. PEACE Be the Journey.


Beautiful Soul – Day 2

A powerful quote from Gandhi that gives so much perspective, will open up your mind to accept failure as a life skill. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the horrors of failing and connect it to shame. The shame of not being successful or not loosing the weight.

Stop and breathe for a moment.

Here’s a way to gain new perspective, write down a mistake you made then counter it with a lesson-learned or insight gained. Then cross out the mistake and rewrite the lesson-learned as a gratitude. I am grateful for ________.

Comment in the box below for connection.

Skin Fit: Be in the know about ingredients in your skin-care products that are harmful. Find an alternative here…

Dance Fit: OMG this is a fun one.

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BIG NEWS! My sister is cancer free after overcoming stage 4 but the journeys just begun. Her story is on

My lunch on Instagram

  • Brown rice
  • Brown sweet rice
  • Black sweet rice
  • Oat
  • Barley
  • Red sorghum
  • Glutinous millet
  • Job’s tear
  • Black bean
  • Peeled mung bean
  • Green pea

The I added Okinawa sweet potato and kale.

Beautiful Body – Day 1 & 2



I have to be honest with you all because there’s a part of me that’s saying, “What are you getting yourself into?” Writing regular, putting what I teach & share in my classes on a blog for all to see! Here’s my Why Story – my sister had a series of intense chemo treatments (read her story here) and couldn’t Zumba with me for awhile. So I decided to post it in order for her to access them at her convience but I’m learning that this can help others in transition.

This is part two, BEAUTIFUL BODY, clean eating for a better future. In the coming weeks we will address a few changes that I know will benefit all of us. And don’t worry it will be gradual because good habits take time.

We’re going to demystify clean eating and simplify it to fit our lifestyles.

(Part one was – BEAUTIFUL MIND)

Disclaimer: This blog is for educational purposes and not intended to treat any disease. Please consult your physician. (Technical stuff.)

To get started…

  1. Start a Pinterest board of new healthy recipes. You can call it BEAUTIFUL BODY (Here’s mine)
  2. For a little creative fun you can collage an inspiration page of foods you want to try. DIY (Do-It-Yourself)  vision board of food. Here’s one example from my class at the Puyallup Tribe’s Youth Center  
  3. Use a healthy food shopping guide. (If you’re in my class we’re using Plate By Zumba® if not I pinned one for you here.)
  4. Keep in mind the dirty dozen or foods which may contain chemical residue.
  5. Start simple and think about a dish you like to make or eat. Then do a healthy swap-out. (Example: Regular pasta for spaghetti squash.)
  6. Be curious & explore your options.
  7. Always read labels for example NATURAL is not the same as ORGANIC.
  8. Get Ethnic, as in explore foods from other cultures. Japanese soba noodles is made with buckwheat. A whole grain that’s good for you. (Check the labels for percentage.)

Eating healthy is affordable!

Foodie Fit: Hold on to your seat here’s Dr. Barnard, one of the contributors for Plate By Zumba® I caught his TEDx Talk years ago and thought, “More people should know this stuff!” Then in 2015 Zumba®  made their new program which included Dr. Barnard and two others.

Dance Fit: This couple has natural swagga 😉 (Okay so I don’t use swagga often but they’re the exception.)

You are beautiful.

Places to shop… 

  • Local Farmers Market!!!! – Quality, little carbon footprint, support your community & get to know your growers. It’s expensive to use the organic label on produce but often local farmers already practice pesticide free farming. (Look for Non GMO)
  • Local Butcher – We have one who’s product comes from several farms in the area. Their chicken’s are free range and animals are feed a healthy diet.
  • Fred Myers –  (or your equivalent) has a great organic section and you can find bundles of apples in a bag. They often feature local farmer’s produce. (Some stores will sell you organic apples individually and you could end up paying $35 for 8.)
  • Cash & Carry – originally created for restaurant owners but you can find Bob’s Red Mill grains in bulk. Seriously folks it’s awesome. Not to mention wild rice, brown rib & legumes in bulk.
  • Costco or Sam’s – Frozen organic fruits for smoothies. Almond milk, coconut milk, avocado oil, pine nuts, hemp seeds, chia seeds and more in bulk.

PEACE Be the Journey.

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More food collage examples:


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Beautiful Mind – Day 22

Tiding up that busy mind takes practice but with this simple exercise you’ll make it happen. You can do this on a regular basis to help you plan out your activities from most important to least. You can post your feedback in the comments.

  1. This is also known as a brain dump and the idea is to make a list of everything that you need to do.
  2. Then grab a marker for each category and circle the word that corresponds.
  3. Finally, rewrite that list but in columns: Self-care, Family, Work, Fun, Give.
  4. If there are words left without a category you can decide to trash it (because that thought doesn’t serve you) or release it (there might be things on your list that isn’t your responsibility.
  5. What category has the most? Least? Which one would you like to do more in? Least? Are you surprised by your list?

From the new list, step 3, you can create a schedule around that things that matter most. However, be careful of the rabbit holes or the thoughts that take you away from your purpose. I truly hope that fitness is on your list.

Foodie Fit: oh yum it’s curry!

Dance Fit: one of our fave Zumba educators. Follow him on Instagram and see the world.

Become a catalyst for positive change.

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Sharing something I did with a few friends this weekend.