Teas, tablets and tinctures. Oh my!

The weight-loss industry and fitness realm have one thing in common. They create for the masses NOT unique individuals.

What if there was something that a local herbalist could create for you?

Herbalist do exist!

They’re nothing like a dietitian or nutritionalist but can be super beneficial. Their delivery system come in three forms: Teas, Tablets and Tinctures. (Also, creams and salves but neither of those words started with “T”)

TEAS: herbal mixtures to work within the gut, permeating your digestive system to detox, soothe or energize.

TABLETS/PILLS: Imagine everything you wouldn’t eat, but know it’s good for you, stuffed into a tiny caplet. Fungus like reishi mushroom can be quickly digested for its benefits.

TINCTURE: A liquid extract of an herbal product. A single drop of a specific tincture under your tongue can work wonders in the body.

There are powder blends, salves and so much more.

I personally enjoy the quality of knowledgeable people, and what they have to share with me. Bottom line, I didn’t have to pay for their education but I do benefit from it.

Why share this info?

  1. I just want you to know that we have options when it comes to weight-loss.
  2. You are not alone on this journey called wellness.
  3. Connect on the community level, find help and resources in your environment.

As a bonus, I wrote another article called, “It doesn’t have to be organic.” And if you’ve read this post then the other one will make total sense. I’m trying to shed the light on local business.

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On Instagram I shared another FIT FOODIE moment, pic below & you can click on it to visit the post.


3 Fit Summer 💦 activities you can do.

I have an active household and majority of what we do is accomplished together. My husband and I talked about sports and extracurricular activities and how it would affect our family. In the end we didn’t want to be too busy being busy. The thought of driving around hysterically trying to make practices, events & meetings would drive me crazy.  Then I had a brilliant idea 💡…

I’m a fitness professional, I should just host events that they can participate in! 

So I worked with my STSTAHZ (also fitness instructors) and coordinated a summer Sistahz Session. Here’s three (3) other types of fitness events you can host. (Remember to keep it simple, the goal is to promote healthy movement.)

  1. BBQ & Basketball 🏀 Host a mini-basketball tournament. Maybe a 3:3 session for 15min spurts. Everyone brings meat to grill and choose a grill-master. While the meat is grilling everyone else plays. WINNERS get to make their plates 1st and go to the front of the line. [Parks are perfect for this event.]
  2. Field Day & Fiesta 🏆 Set up mini-obstacle courses & games in your backyard. Then invite your guest to bring fiesta type foods. Ingredients to build-a-burrito, nachos or tacos. 🌮  It’s basically a potluck with a purpose. You play than you eat.
  3. Splash & Subs 🌯 Basically its similar to #2 except everyone is bringing ingredients to create their own sub-sandwich or meat wrap. However the activities are water associated. Games like water-balloon-toss or dodge-ball with water balloons. Maybe add a sprinkler obstacle course. 

For my event I used the studio on a normally closed day, Sunday. It was a 90-minute workout and potluck. This was my third Sistahz Session and each time I see new faces. I introduced STRONG By Zumba and ran a full set. It was fun. In the end we sweated and smiled! It was worth the planning!!! 

If you need help scheduling things out start the free course BALANCED BABE on my holistic fit website.

Above is the digital flier I created to promote my STRONG class. Find a STRONG class near you. Click here.

How Fear became my Friend ;)

There were a few things that use to scare me! Like eating clean, working out 2-hours a day or meditating for an hour. I built up serious resistance to these in the form of excuses. Like…

“I can’t eat CLEAN because buying organic is $$$ expensive.”

“How long & what I do during my workout doesn’t matter, besides there’s not enough time. Unless there’s 26-hours in a day.”

“I meditate when I sleep 😴 so that’s like a two-for-one-deal. Besides meditation isn’t necessary.”

The culprit behind my list of excuses was fear. My complacency was a comfort zone where I allowed my fears to hold me. Instead of using that fear to spark my actions like a catalyst for positive change.

I decided to acknowledge my fears and use it to motivate me. Yes I said that my fears motivated me. Here’s the breakdown…

  • Not eating clean > fear > expensive >  LEARN > found out that there are many affordable solutions > CHANGED MY PERSPECTIVE 
  • Two hour workout > fear > loss of time > LEARN > I waste more time on social media. Also, I learned to communicate my goals & got support. > I CREATE TIME
  • Meditation was silly > fear > didn’t understand its benefits > LEARN > started simple & joined a class > I FEEL BALANCED

Then I took this fear thing to the next level. I’ve always seen myself as a dancer but not a buff (slang for strong) person. High intensity workouts scared me because they challenged me. Then one day I decided to become STRONG By ZUMBA instructor. OMG!!! 😲 (Why?) I was tired of being afraid. I purchased clothing that actually said “STRONG” and “INSTRUCTOR” on it. Can you imagine.

I became a STRONG instructor in October 2016  and then in April 2017 my sister became one too! [Above are pictures from her class, below are mine.] 
I have to say that I had the coolest group ever! They were from Hawaii, Texas, California, Idaho & Washington state. We still keep in contact to encourage one another. After all this wasn’t an easy class. Imagine doing a HITT training for one hour and breaking down each module for the next five to six hours. OUCH!

Above is my graduating class of STRONG instructors and a beautiful group of ladies. We all had our doubts and fears but we took it one movement at a time. And I think that’s the key to dealing with fear.

Use fear to motivate you by…

  1. Acknowledging the feeling.
  2. Discover “why” you feel that way.
  3. LEARN and gain knowledge because it is powerful.
  4. Break it down to smaller task and write it down.
  5. Keep it simple and only do one task at a time. Don’t skip or think about the next task. Focus on ONE.

Above is Madalene Aponte, Zumba ZES and an amazing instructor. She trained my sister and myself. If you’re interested in becoming a Zumba instructor I suggest you check her out. 

I’m living the dream of a fit life and you can too. In fact I started monthly gatherings to encourage other women to join the movement. All of my guest are moms like me & I luv it.