Nisqually Tribe’s Wave Of Wellness

In 2015 Puyallup council member (David Bean) & Youth Director (Lisa Earl) got a bunch of fitness fanatics together to plan, organize & host a Native American WAVE OF WELLNESS. The goal was to start a health wave within native community by hosting an event where people can gather and experience different fitness styles. 
I got involved after hearing the reason behind it, to get native community healthy. Let’s be honest, we’ve all felt the brush of diabetes, cancer & heart disease but what if we could be proactive about our health. In fact I want to dedicate my workout to my sister who made it through stage4 cancer.  That’s her in the center…
This AUGUST 1st, 2016 we’re at it again… both Amanda Rae (above left) & Mrs. McGee, a.k.a. Liz, (above right) attended the past Native American WOW events and wanted to bring it to Nisqually. With the help of Stacey Gouley, Facility Director of NYC, the planning team includes Nisqually’s Fitness Director, Nisqually Garden Team, Nisqually’s Nutritionalist and me, Zumba with Hoomalamalama. I have to mention Otellie, who’s also in the picture, she  played soccer with my sister back-in-the-day and rocked her Zumba moves with the rest of us.

Nisqually Tribe’s Wave Of Wellness
August 1, 2016 @ 7am-12pm
Nisqually Youth & Community Center (NYCC)
1937 Lashi St. SE
Olympia, WA. 98513
Nisqually Youth & Community Center 
7am – 10am Registration 
7am – Sunrise Yoga: Maja Brickner
8am – Breakfast: Welcome & Guest Speaker: David Bean
9am – HITT Workout: Kareem Gannie
10am – Intertribal Fitness: Melvin Blacketer 
11am – Zumba® Fitness: Ho’omalamalama
12pm – Heart Happy Walk
(45min with 15min transition)
Game Rm – Nisqually Garden Learning sessions with the garden team.
  • 9am  
  • 10am
  • 11am
Leschi Rm – Nutrition with Bernita Learning sessions with the nutritionalist. 
  • 9am
  • 10am
  • 11am

Mezzanine Walking track above gym.

Resource vendors who specialize in health and wellness will be setting up tables for non-participants to stroll and collect info. If you would like to be a vendor email

The gym above & the weight room below.

It’s fitness, family & fun!

Please share this event! We want to fill this space.

Wow Nisq