Fave apps for fliers.

Design is everything. It can attract, inform and entertain. One of my favorite things to do is create fliers and post it on my social media accounts. You can be the best teacher around but without effective advertising no one will know.

I really feel for my fellow fitness instructor who isn’t tied to a gym or community center. That individual is a solo-prenuer (solo entrepreneur) and has to…

  1. Find a venue
  2. Book the venue
  3. Advertise classes
  4. Enroll students
  5. Teach the class
  6. Get more students
  7. Advertise again

I want to help you with 3 & 7 because I believe that we need more people serving the community in wellness. We need fitness instructors who live in the community, holistic practitioners that laugh with their patients, but most of all we need a


If I can help one person create a great digital flier with an effective message of hope… then awesome! So let’s get started. Throughout this post you saw several simple examples and now I want to share my 5 go-to secrets when creating an ad.

My 5 Tips

  1. Less is more. Always. Don’t crowd their visual space.
  2. Choose based on a theme or season. (We are well trained to notice certain colors at a particular time of the year.)
  3. Don’t offend them. Design with care.
  4. Use images that can deliver the message for you. Be memorable.
  5. Try to get all the basic info on the flier. Save the wordiness for the website or blog post.

Below is an example of a simple rebrand I did because my message has evolved over time. I’m now offering more then just fitness classes and I want my social media to reflect that.

My favorite app is A+ Signature because it’s so versatile. I use it to water-mark everything.

My second favorite app is LiveCollage and that does everything else for me. It allows me to add a logo or cool background.

I hope you all have fun with these and comment below to tell me which apps you use. Or if you tried these two. Also, you can send me an example of your flier @hoomalamalama on Twitter & Instagram. PEACE Be the Journey.

Did you check out my other site? WholelisticFit It’s still in the works 😉😊 but full of potential.