Beautiful Soul – Day 8

   Miracles motivate. The end.

Well maybe not. More of a, “In the beginning.” Miracles are still happening but we’ve become glued to our devices. Here’s five ways to spot miracles…

  1. When you least expect it.
  2. When you actually STOP to smell the roses.
  3. When you look up & out.
  4. When you breathe deep.
  5. When you walk in unwavering faith & hope.

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A world without miracles is a world without a future.

Skin Fit: I buy Mountain Rose Herb products when I want to DIY because they are the Louis Vuitton of organic & natural ingredients.

Smile! 😃 

Foodie Fit: Tea! How I adore them because there are so many benefits. Pair them with a meal or have a cup as you relax. If you’re uncertain about loose leaf watch this simple DIY.

Laugh 😄

Dance Fit: Nothing but fun in this YouTube Vid by Live Love Party 

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10 thoughts on “Beautiful Soul – Day 8

  1. Naomi T says:

    I am grateful for the miracle of my Aunty!!! If it weren’t for her faith in God and my entire family’s faith, she wouldn’t be here today 😭💖💖💖

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  2. MANA Wahine Fitness says:

    WooHoo!!! Touch-down! After (almost) 21 Days of posting about gratitude you’re there… As in reaching an abundant mindset.


  3. iraelove99 says:

    I am grateful for the miracle of strong minds. When you are going through troubled times you always here stay positive, think positive, and my feelings were blah blah blah. how can i think positive when my dad just died, or my son had issues learnign at school, when i have diabetes, or when i am an addict. But once i finally decided to choose to be sober, i learned how to stay positive. I learned i do have a choice to be happy or to be miserable. I resented my mom lots because she used to tell me this all the time. i just didnt’ get it. Now when i lose my cool, i need to remember that everything works out as long as i stay positive, keep seeking solution instead of dwelling in the problem.
    Strong minds are terrible things to waste.

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  4. MANA Wahine Fitness says:

    It is a gift wrapped in hope and delivered in faith. 🎈 thought of that just for you 😃


  5. I am grateful for the miracle of Life. The power of breath. The ability to see that even tho we like to be in control of our life, it can be taken in an instant or given in a millisecond.

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  6. I am grateful for the miracle of my daughters. Momi was born 9 weeks early and is now happy and healthy. And my real miracle, Lilinoe, when I was pregnant with her I was told she would probably die and that I should have an abortion and try again. She’s now almost 10 and I thank God everyday I didn’t listen.

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