Beautiful Soul – Day 7


Have you heard of Randy & Jai Pausch? He wrote a book from a speech he created called THE LAST LECTURE and was married to Jai. I came across his TED talk and an interview with Oprah years ago. His love for his Ohana (family) and life was evident. Through his lecture I saw and felt gratitude but what made his presentation so touching  was the fact that it was truly his last yet he was so young.

He knew he was dying from pancreatic cancer but managed to inspire countless others. His last breath was used to teach the world about living your dreams but some how he managed to teach me gratitude. Below is one of his sayings and I’ve included a link on TED Talk or you can watch the YouTube video below. 

We are eternally grateful for his insight & perception. I hope you will support his legacy & purchase his book. The title of his speech is Achieving Your Childhood Dreams.


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However… in my opinion I am even more amazed by Jai, his wife. She inspires me beyond her husband because she carried on. πŸ’› Which takes courage and strength. She’s also written a book for caregivers and I hope you will add it to your collection. 

Comment what you’re grateful  for.


10 thoughts on “Beautiful Soul – Day 7

  1. MANA Wahine Fitness says:

    Keep writing, especially in your journal. I’m reading your passion and your message is coming through.


  2. iraelove99 says:

    I live in gratefulness by remembering what my ancestors went through, what they fought for, who they fought for. I don’t judge anyone by their race, “social” standings, career choices, sexuality, anything like that. Not to say i don’t judge, because if i see you braggin about gettin turned up and doin this adn that while you kids are hungry dirty and not in your care, I am judging! lol even then i dont’ like to judge. Just because i came out of my addictions doesn’t mean someone else can over come. But i pray lots for people to realize their own strengths and that they can do anything they put their mind to.
    i live in gratefulness when i teach my daughter how to dance or my son how to drum. Or use words of out native language. I may not know it all but i know some. I live in gratefulness by praying in the sweat lodge, by bringing my children to the lodge, even if they don’t get in, having them there witnessing the work that is being done. I live in gratefulness when i smudge with my kids when we have bad days, or even on the good days.
    I live in gratefulness when i pass down things i learned growing up to my children. Even though i grew up “intertribally” (meaning, traditions from my dad’s side, from my mom’s side, from the hawaiian side, from the family that took me traveling (yakama) side.) i learned somethings. I feel that is important, knowing little is better than not knowing any.

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