Beautiful Soul – Day 2

A powerful quote from Gandhi that gives so much perspective, will open up your mind to accept failure as a life skill. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the horrors of failing and connect it to shame. The shame of not being successful or not loosing the weight.

Stop and breathe for a moment.

Here’s a way to gain new perspective, write down a mistake you made then counter it with a lesson-learned or insight gained. Then cross out the mistake and rewrite the lesson-learned as a gratitude. I am grateful for ________.

Comment in the box below for connection.

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  • Brown rice
  • Brown sweet rice
  • Black sweet rice
  • Oat
  • Barley
  • Red sorghum
  • Glutinous millet
  • Job’s tear
  • Black bean
  • Peeled mung bean
  • Green pea

The I added Okinawa sweet potato and kale.


14 thoughts on “Beautiful Soul – Day 2

  1. Naomi T says:

    I am grateful for the mistake of liking a guy and letting it affect me at way too young an age to even worry about guys. This is because my dad taught me and I learned that I need to focus on myself for the time being and worry about relationships later on. And just to have faith in God with who I’ll be with and for now only worry about my education.

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  2. iraelove99 says:

    Um IDK why i see posts from spring but i hope i commenting in the right spot. If i had to choose a different mistake it would be….
    I am thankful for the mistake of hooking up with a random hot guy from myspace (hahah might be TMI but its just real) because I might have never learned what being a mother is. Which has also taught me how to be strong and never give up anything because I have two littles watching me.

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  3. iraelove99 says:

    I am grateful for my mistake of being an addict single mother. First thought of my sister saying she will take my kids killed me and helped me get help. I am thankful for my children.

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  4. Cynetha says:

    I am grateful for every relationship mistake I made because it taught the kind of love I can give and want to receive. It’s a hard thing to figure out sometimes for me.

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