Beautiful Mind – Day 12

Today’s post makes me chuckle because I know this subject oh so well. I’ve procrastinated until things became overdone, past-due, late fees, sold out and outdated. Somewhere in my thinking pattern was a really good reason to procrastinate projects, goals and ideas. More often I found myself putting things off because I was afraid. Then I heard my pastor mention:

Do it afraid!

That was a single piece of inspiration to motivate me to do it in the midst of my fear. Wow can we say, “Breakthrough!” The bottom line is that you have to identify the WHY. Why do you put things off?

I’m sure that when the designers of Seattle’s Pikes Place Market started putting brick upon brick that they had no clue they would be building iconic structures. Today it’s well established and proposing expansion. 

Everything great comes from small beginnings. So don’t procrastinate another minute.

Foodie Fit: What better chef to share then Seattle’s own Mario Batali (although he’s cooking in NY, Lol)

Dance Fit: This sweet motivation dances like it’s just her and the music. 

Today’s a great day to start doing something beneficial for your body. Don’t procrastinate just dance.


9 thoughts on “Beautiful Mind – Day 12

  1. MANA Wahine Fitness says:

    OMG – There’s tons of books written on overcoming procrastination but I’ve procrastinated getting them, Lol. All jokes aside… You really are improving! The fact that you make time to answer these shows purpose & determination.

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  2. MANA Wahine Fitness says:

    Sounds like you’ve learned to center, consider & move. Which is more of a planning skill. I too use to jump into ideas but put off something as simple as laundry. In my case I procrastinated doing laundry. (Which I don’t do any more πŸ™‚ I appreciate your view.


  3. Cynetha says:

    I do procrastinate and typically it serves me well because it allows me to think things through a little more. I have a tendency to get excited and jump into things without completely thinking them through. Procrastination slows down potential mistakes from time to time.

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